Friday, September 01, 2006

Next Release! September 16, 2006 - Sex Slave

Coming September 16, 2006 from Mardi Gras Publishing. It is a Scaremare - VooDoo Moon Line. If you love erotic tales with the added spice of horror/scary, then Sex Slave might just be what you are looking for!


Talya Nix finds an unusual anklet in her grandmother's trunk that wasleft to her in her grandmother's will.

This anklet, this sex slave anklet, once put on the wear's ankle willnever come off. It will transport her to a hedonistic realm were shewill be owned and used for her Master's pleasure. A slave to everysexual depravity known to man, a carnal toy at the mercy of herMaster's whims…

Her body and mind will be pushed to endure and survive. She will haveto learn to depend on her Master for pain, pleasure, and her very life…
A little history on the writing of this story. It took me out of my comfort zone, one that encompassed HEA (which this one is not). I had to look deep into my soul for thing I found scary, horrifying and twisted. What I found was that this was the easiest story I have ever written. So, what does that tell me...I am a little twisted ;)

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Loretta said...

WOW! This sound like a good read. I will be adding this to my list.