Sunday, August 26, 2007

What every author dreads...

I woke up Saturday morning to news that MGP (Mardi Gras Publishing) was in trouble. The owner had been offline with computer problems from the beginning of August and to date, is still offline. No new books have been released and the authors are in a panic.

I have eight books with this publisher, along with over 60 covers I have created for authors of MGP. I am one of the lucky ones that was paid for the last quarter, but many have not faired so well, finding out some never have been paid and others had their checks from MGP bounce. All this adds up to big-time trouble for the publisher. Though, I will never recoup any money for July and beyond, I know there are good and responsible publishers in this field and look forward to my books finding their way to those types of publishers.

Happy hot reading,

Skylar Sinclair.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Here is just a sampling of gorgeous sparkling jewelry that will be given away Saturday, August 18, 2007 while I blog at Jacquelyn Frank’s blog! I will be blogging all day, so stop by and leave you wonderful comments.

Jacquelyn Frank (bestselling print author of Jacob and Gideon)

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Rearing Heat grabs another perfect 5-rated review!

5 Lips!

Shayla Smith has never met another equestrian shifter and she spends her life moving from place to place searching for somewhere to call her own. She thinks she may have finally have found a home where she can indulge in her horse side and run.

Dex Legend and his brothers know that female equestrian shifters are rare and when he scents a female he knows she could be the one meant to be his mate. But first he must find her. Shayla leads Dex on a wild chase!

Rearing Heat is one of the best Skylar Sinclair books ever! Dex and Shayla have an intense passion and when they indulge in it, you’d better watch out. Hot is a tame word for their lovemaking. There is a scene where Dex takes Shayla in their horse forms and primal doesn’t even begin to cover it! Rearing Heat is a short novel that will leave you begging for more!

Reviewed by Tara Renee
Two Lips Reviews

Friday, August 03, 2007

New release - Stiff Assignment by Skylar Sinclair

Stiff Assignment by Skylar Sinclair
Publisher: Siren Publishing
ISBN: 1-933563-63-X
Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance M/M - gay
Rating: Scorching
Price: $2.99
Buy now at Siren Publishing

Daimon Burns has one last chance to redeem himself.

His undercover assignment is none other than the very flashy and insanely rich, Jefferson Bartel. In no uncertain terms can he fail. If he does, it means his career. Daimon will have to use his sexual arsenal to worm his way into Jefferson's life and bed. According to all reports, his best weapon is between his legs.

Jefferson is a multimillionaire with rumored links to the mob. His tastes run toward handsome, well-built younger men and he goes through his boy toys like a snake sheds its skin. When he sees a rugged dark stranger surfing near his home on the beach, his instincts tell him danger, but his body screams sex!

An accident presents an opportunity for Daimon to find the information he needs to either nail Jefferson Bartel to the cross or redeem him.

What Daimon finds out is more than he bargains for, while his heart opens up to the man that is his assignment. Will Daimon lose his heart to this handsome older man or will it be broken along with his soul?

JERR gives Rearing Heat the Silver Star Award

Skylar Sinclair has crafted a passionate romance story filled with sizzling hot and creative sex. The paranormal theme with shape shifters is well thought out. The plot by switching between humans and horses kept me fascinated and wanting to learn more about the lives of such creatures. Ms. Sinclair presented strong romantic feelings between the two main characters Dex and Shayla in both human and horse forms. She had me hanging on to make sure they found happiness. Dex is the man every woman wants. He is also the stud every mare wants. Shayla is the woman who struggles to find the man of her dreams. Shayla as a mare learns about what it means to have a family and what her mate must be. As I watched the characters shifting between human form and that of horses I was intrigued by how a strong take charge male in either form is so appealing to a female. The sex scenes in both forms were sizzling hot and had me wanting to be Shayla I could feel the strong romantic bond between Dex and Shayla grow as the story unfold. The hot sex scenes presented the strong needs both characters experienced in a very real and gripping way. Ms. Sinclair’s wonderful writing style had me captured from the beginning and I had to read this short book in one sitting. I urge every woman that enjoys a good creative paranormal erotic romance with intriguing erotic sex scenes to read this book.

Wendy Cable
Just Erotic Romance Reviews

Available now at Siren Publishing!