Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Faeful: Sexual Magic Top 10 Best Seller for the Month of August!

With only one week of release in the month of August, FAEFUL: SEXUAL MAGIC by Skylar Sinclair was one of the top ten best sellers for the ENTIRE month of August from Venus Press!

“A magical melding of Harry Potter and J. R. R. Tolkien, but with heat!”

“Faeful: Sexual Magic is one of those rare short stories that has the feel of a full length novel. Skylar Sinclair’s wonderfully descriptive language, masterful character development and intriguing plot make this one of the best stories I have read recently. Hot enough to start a meltdown the action flows well with the story.”

TwoLips Reviews
Reviewed by Kristi

Lee Harrison is special–immortal; she just doesn’t know it yet. As an infant, she was imparted some of an Unfaeful fairy’s evil magic. An unexplainable anomaly has triggered Lee’s Unfaeful magic before its time and in a blink of an eye, her life will never be the same again. She is deceived, taken from her world, bitten, and has the most erotic encounters she could have ever imagined.

She once dreamed of fairy tales, now she will live one. Only this fairy tale is shrouded in good vs. evil, spells, erotic conjuring and the convincing of love. What makes Lee special can also destroy her if not controlled and neutralized.

Philet, a Faeful fairy, is a member Fairies United Creation Keepers, and he is sent in to retrieve Lee. His attraction to this human woman is instantaneous and fierce. When she panics and her Unfaeful magic starts to rise, he will do what most be done to contain her evil magic. What he does will forever bond them as Fated-Mate. He will have to rethink his fairy ways trying to convince Lee of his love, while striving to save her soul.

A rare glimpse into the making of a true adult fairy tale…
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