Monday, December 24, 2007

Babes in Toyland II receives Rogues & Romance Must Read Award!

This is my third straight Recommended Read award this month! Babes in Toyland II (Christmas anthology) from Aspen Mountain Press receives the Rogues & Romance Must Read award!

Babes in Toyland II really blew me away with it’s fun, smart, sexy, and imaginative stories. Every single one of those stories were ones I enjoyed reading immensely, and the folks at Aspen Mountain should get a big round of applause for choosing the perfect blend of fantastic stories for this anthology. Not only did I find Babes in Toyland II a definite keeper, but I found a ton of new authors that I loved. This is one I will certainly be reading again- at Christmas and all throughout the year.

-Mandy Briggs Rogues and Romance
To read the complete review click here

What a wonderful Christmas present!

Merry Christmas,

Skylar Sinclair

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Skylar's book buying frenzy this week

I am home this week recouping from oral surgery (can we say yikes!). I have gone months without diving into some of my favorite foods, and goodness do I like to eat.

Anyway, I have been on this book buying kick the last couple of days. Whose books did Skylar buy?

I started off by buying Lady of Light and Shadows by C. L. Wilson. This author has penned a completely unique and magical realm for her characters. I just started this book, so I will tell you more as I get to know the characters more intimately. Believe it or not, I found this book at my local Walgreens, and I bought the last copy too :)

Yesterday I purchased The Cheater’s Guide To Writing Erotic Romance by Morgan Hawke from Mojocastle Press. I have to say this sharp-minded and plain talking author has my creative juices flowing again. If you are an author just starting out (this isn’t just for erotic authors either) or one like me that already has published works, it never hurts to learn the secrets and tips by the masters like Morgan Hawke. How the heck do you think I have best selling books?...I take classes and read books regularly.

Today I purchased The Red Storm by Zinnia Hope. You can get a copy at Lavender Isis Press. I haven’t started it as of yet, but Zinnia’s voice is soft and sensual, and one that is all her own, that much I do know.

Well, back to writing and reading,

Skylar Sinclair

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Skylar's cover wins an Ariana at EPIC!

I am very pleased and humbled to announce that my cover art I designed for Extraordinary Love has won in the fantasy, sci-fi, futuristic, and paranormal erotic romance category at EPIC!

This cover now goes on to compete with the other 11 covers to decide the best of the best known as the Quasar, starting January 15 to January 30, 2008.

Side note: Sadly this book was released by Mardi Gras Publishing, which most know the history of that publisher. Extraordinary Love will be coming back out next year, revised and even better! I am glad that this cover won despite the the odds faced when Mardi Gras Publishing suddenly closed it doors and left many authors without homes for their books. This cover was a labor of love, as well as the story it holds.

Thank you to all that voted for Extraordinary Love's cover.


Skylar Sinclair.

New release - The Tome of Unnatural Desires anthology

Dream Lord
Lana Thomas had no idea what possessed her to purchase an old dusty leather book from a junk shop one summer evening, but she just had to have it. The only problem is she really does not own the book, it will own her. Now all her dark sexual cravings will be exposed!

Shadowed Passion
ring one of his favorite pastimes of browsing yard sales, Klein Tilmar comes across an old leather book that grabs his attention, causing his insides to tighten and his fingertips to tingle in expectation of owning it. What he doesn’t realize is that he has just bought himself a ticket straight to a dark region that is ruled and dominated by the likes of something sinister and hedonistically ferocious. Its appetite is for the warm flesh of men. It hungers only for what a man can give and receive.

Fallen Angels
At her second job working, at a local swap meet, Camay Stilman will find an old leather book left behind by someone selling at the meet. With nothing much to her name, she will cherish this old book, even as unattractive as it first seems. Later in the quiet of the night, alone, she will explore her newfound treasure, only this piece of ungodly history is not truly her possession, it will possess her, body and soul. Within its unholy binding three shall become four in the most carnal of ways…

Warning: These three stories are very dark and twisted versions of erotic romance and contain BDSM, gay erotica, and adult language.
Happy hot reading,
Skylar Sinclair

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Purr For Me 3rd month in a row bestseller

Purr For Me, an erotic paranormal romance, is a bestseller at Phaze for the third month in a row. Stop by Phaze and purchase your copy to find out why readers and reviewers are finding Purr For Me an amazing erotic treat!

To Buy

Happy hot reading,

Skylar Sinclair

A Sexual Spark receives NOR's Reviewer Top Pick Award!

When a dark, mysterious and deadly bad boy walks into Freaks, Loren’s work, she dubs him Mr. Dangerous. Loren works at a paranormal bar and she is a wolf. She can smell that he is paranormal, but can’t figure out what he is. On the other hand it doesn’t matter, he just has an air that does it for her. She is more than interested in “her” new man, but she knows it is not going to last for long. He tells her up front that this will just be a one-night stand and then he will be on his way. Since Loren is game holds on tight as he takes her to a hotel for the night of her life. The big question is what is he and will he stay around for more than one night?

A Sexual Spark is a short story that hits just the right spot and gives a huge punch. I don’t want to give too much away, but you will not be disappointed in this naughty one-night-stand paranormal romp. Ms. Sinclair can take a story and quickly have you hot and bothered. Any paraerotica reader should not miss A Sexual Spark.

Reviewed by Tammie
Night Owl Romance

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Two more reviewers love A Sexual Spark!

5 out of 5

I just put down A Sexual Spark and all I can say is… WOW!!

That Sin in Sinclair really comes out in this book. This was the most descriptive book I’ve read in a while. Skylar takes not only her characters but you the reader for one wild ride. It seems Loren has seen all kinds at her job as a cocktail waitress for a paranormal bar called Freaks. Then a tall, dark, and dangerous stranger makes her rethink that. He makes her wet with a glance and her scream for more than that before the nights over. She won’t be able to get him out of her head and… Damn it… neither can I. This is a definite recommended read. Five Delightful Divas hands down.

eviewed by Jade Twilight
Dark Diva Reviews


4 out of 5

Working in a bar called Freaks should have made Loren, a shifter herself, pretty cynical about the types of people who come in for a drink… and for the most part, she was. Even still, when the tall, dark, to-die-for good looking biker walked in, she knew she was toast, especially when she realized he couldn’t take his eyes off of her. Will she take the chance and let A Sexual Spark fan into something more?

Skylar Sinclair is a genius at writing stories that just hit the spot. Long enough to tell the tale, yet quick enough to enjoy on your lunch hour, A Sexual Spark will definitely make you ignite. Although Loren knows she’s not the kind of girl for happily ever after, she’ll take happily sated tonight with the sex god in the bar. Join her in a sexual escapade that’s only been whispered about in legends! And watch as she discovers just what she’s capable of…

Written by Trang Black - Visit Website

Read Skylar's latest interview about creating cover art!

Read Skylar's latest interview about combining writing and designing covers into her busy life. It is a most unusual interview to say the least!

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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Enter Skylar's Christmas contest!

Enter Skylar's Christmas contest to win this gorgeous 2 1/2 karat cherry red trillion cut Garnet pendant with chain!

Solid sterling silver mounting and 18" chain, this natural trillion cut garnet could be yours if you enter my Christmas contest running now, December 2, 2007 through December 24th, 2007.

Anyone can enter!

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At 9:00 am (EST) on December 24, 2007 , I will draw a name from all the entrances and announce the winner right here on the front page of my site, along with contacting the winner.

Good luck and Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 01, 2007

New release - A Sexual Spark by Skylar Sinclair

A Sexual Spark
Skylar Sinclair
Dark Eden Press
enre: Paranormal Erotic Romance
Rating: Intense
Price: $2.50
Buy now at Dark Eden Press

Have you ever had a complete stranger make your body ache and your skin feel like it is on fire when he enters the room? Your breath takes on a pant and you imagine him dominating you and taking control of your body. Everything narrows down to just him and you, alone in tangled sheets, using you until you cannot live without his touch, his body inside yours. If yes is your answer, then come take a wild ride with me…

My name is Loren Westley, and that exact thing will happen to me one night while I am working at my job as a cocktail waitress at Freaks, a paranormal hangout. The moment he walks through the door, starts me on a downward spiral into a sexual odyssey that will forever mark my soul, and I look forward to every deliciously heated minute with him.

Happy hot reading,

Skylar Sinclair