Thursday, September 14, 2006

Countdown - In two days all HELL is going to break loose!

Coming September 16, 2006 from Mardi Gras Publishing Sex Slave by Skylar Sinclair

VooDoo Moon Line - Scaremare

Excerpt: ADULT!!!

As her eyes moved around her small stone prison, they landed on a pair of black leather thighs that looked as if pants were painted on. They were so tight; she knew exactly which way he wore his impressive snake that slithered up the front of his pants— to the left to be exact. If that baby got any bigger, it might peek out the waistband. She had never seen a cock of that size before—BIG! Monster big. No man should be that well endowed.

Her curious gaze moved on up to his bare chest. Swirls of dark chestnut hair matted around each of his nipples trailing back down into the top of his leather pants, leading her eye back down to the large bundle between his legs. Breaking away from the hypnotic pull of his sex, she brought her eyes up farther, this time up to his face. A face that was pretty much covered with a leather mask, which seemed to be coordinated to his pants—black. For some insane reason the song, Back in Black from AC/DC came to mind, as she looked him over.

If she were not in such deep shit right now, it would have been somewhat comical.Concentrating on his full presence, he was a large man in stature from what she could tell from her position on the ground, leaning arrogantly with one shoulder propped up against the wall. A current of dark red hair streamed out from beneath his black mask hanging past his shoulders like a brilliant flaming curtain. His eyes were hard to discern behind the mask, yet shadows of light seemed to dance behind them, glowing in an ungodly fashion. What set her heart to pounding madly against the wall of her chest was seeing his gleaming white incisors pressing down over his lip, curling in and denting his lower lip when he cracked his full lips apart smiling in a feral crease.

Okay, now that is fucking scary.Does scary sex excite you?

If you answered yes, then welcome to the hedonistic world of Skylar Sinclair!

This is not about romance. It is a frightening filled tale of sexual domination and the desecration of one woman's soul...

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