Saturday, September 30, 2006

^..^The Lore of the Vampire^..^

There is something unmistakable about a creature that will take you with more than his or her body. The thought is provocative and sensuous to imagine him or her sinking their canines into a part of your body and taking your blood. It is more than just personal it is erotic and conjuring.

Vampires have been intriguing the public since storytelling was invented. Their personas have heated up the movie screens, pages of books and heightened the dark nights of campfires around the world. Their lore is timeless and mysterious, sensual and bankable. You can never go wrong writing about vampires and the victims their bites changes or enhances.

The second story I ever wrote (Scent of Passion) will be out in November 2006 from Midnight Show in an all-erotic vampire anthology called Vamptation. This story was written in one day, and I was literally bit with the bug to write more paranormal type tales.

With October ghosting through the air, vampires and their likes are the perfect read to spook the time away…


Skylar Sinclair.

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