Monday, July 23, 2007

Impassioned Sea hits Bestseller in erotic at Fictionwise!

As of 7-23-2007, Impassioned Sea, hit #9 out of 3603 books in erotica, and is also a bestseller!
After waiting over a year for this book to come out, I am overjoyed that it is doing so well, not only at the publishers but the other books distribution outlets as well.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

New release - Fallen Angels by Skylar Sinclair

Fallen Angels by Skylar Sinclair
Series: The Tome of Unnatural Desires - Book 3
Mardi Gras Publishing
ISBN: 1-934329-85-1
Genre: Dark Fantasy Erotic Romance
Rating: Cajun HOT - M/M and F/M
Price: $2.99
Buy now from Mardi Gras Publishing

Blurb: At her second job working, at a local swap meet, Camay Stilman will find an old leather book left behind by someone selling at the meet. With nothing much to her name, she will cherish this old book, even as unattractive as it first seems.

Later in the quiet of the night, alone, she will explore her newfound treasure, only this piece of ungodly history is not truly her possession, it will possess her, body and soul.

Within its unholy binding three shall become four in the most carnal of ways…

You have been warned! Now open the book to see what The Tome of Unnatural Desires has in store for you now…

Read excerpt

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Rearing Heat BESTSELLER!

Rearing Heat, from the moment of release (July 1, 2007), has been the #1 selling book at Siren Publishing! WooHoo!

Skylar Sinclair.
A dirty mind is a terrible thing to waste, so make sure to write it all down for your next book!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Rearing Heat gets a perfect 5 rose rating!

Robin S at My Book Cravings, gave Rearing Heat a 5 out of 5 review!

This story is perfect for one of those chilly evenings. It will become hot and humid shortly if you aren't the ice princess that is.

Dex is an equestrian shifter. He can become a massive black Quarter horse at a moments thought. He has been hunting for a golden Palomino mare that he spotted a month earlier. She was his kind and in heat, he could smell it. Before he could stake a claim she disappeared.

Shayla is a female equestrian who believes she is the only one of her kind. She wouldn't know if she had crossed paths with one or not. Was it a scent or something that would identify another of her kind or what? Thinking about the lack stud she had seen a month ago has heat pulsing between her legs. She had taken a month away from work to think about what she wanted out of life and who she wanted to be. Feeling the need to be around people she goes to the Rail a bar in town. Is she looking for love in all the wrong places like everyone else there?

Dex enters the Rail, friends are calling him over to their table, when he gets a whiff of an overpowering scent, sweet and potent! A mare in heat, his mate and he is gonna stake his claim. Yepper he found his mate, but would she agree? Would she accept her fate?

Ms. Sinclair certainly knows how to heat up a chilled room. REARING HEAT was an exceptional mid afternoon romp that I thoroughly enjoyed. Thank God someone invented a freezer because I needed the ice. This was superbly written and pleasantly paced.


Monday, July 16, 2007

Impassioned Sea #12 out of 3564 books in erotica at Fictionwise!

Impassioned Sea, the sequel to Key to Sin, ended up on Fictionwise's top 25 at #12 out of 3564 books in erotica! I am so happy the readers like Seadale's story. Under Liquid Silver Books on Fictionwise, Impassioned Sea is #1.

I waited over a year and a half to finally see this book come out and I am elated that Impassioned Sea is doing well. And, I have the wonderful readers to thank for that ;)

Happy hot reading,


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

PNR Reviews loves Rearing Heat!

Rearing Heat now available at Siren Publishing.

Hung like a horse was never truer than in Rearing Heat!

As an equestrian shape-shifter Dex Legend had been searching all his life for a mate. While in his equine shape he'd been running to stretch his legs when the undeniable scent of mare, his mate, reached his nostrils. There she was, a gorgeous golden filly, definitely in heat and running across the valley. Before he could find her, she'd disappeared leaving Dex with a perpetual hard-on.

Shayla Smith had roamed from place to place, with no place to call home. She knew what she was but had never come across another equestrian shifter like herself, leaving her to believe she was the only one left. She'd seen the massive black stallion on the ridge, but knew there was no way she'd let that massive stud catch her. But then again, maybe she would.

Whoo wee! Now this may have been short in pages, but when the pages are full of such very steamy and torridly hot couplings, the reader will definitely be wiping the steam off their glasses. I love paranormals, especially shape- shifters, and have loved horses since I was old enough to have my first pony ride, so as soon as I read the synopsis, I knew it was going to be great, and am happy to report I was not mistaken.

Dex is sexy as sin as both the raven black stallion and especially as the six foot plus dark haired handsome cowboy in his skin tight jeans. How could anyone not be attracted, especially tiny but overweight Shayla, completely unaware that Dex was just like her. One has to admit that as a female, we are always concerned about our weight and when this drop dead gorgeous cowboy tells her she's the most beautiful woman he's ever seen, then raging hormones or not, she's ready to take him on.

Ms. Sinclair gives new meaning to the word HOT -- not only were the human couplings torrid but in their shape-shifter form they were equally sensual and realistically erotic from a horse lovers point of view. Yes, if you haven't figured it out yet, I loved this sensual and highly titillating story.

Reviewed by Marilyn Rondeau
PNR Reviews
Posted July 10, 2007

Sunday, July 08, 2007

I've been tagged!

Lisa Andel has tagged me for another meme!

Here are the rules:

a. Each player lists 8 facts/habits about themselves.
b. The rules of the game are posted at the beginning before those facts/habits are listed.
c. At the end of the post, the player then tags 8 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

Things about me you might not know or even care to know

1) I cannot finish a story without writing first the beginning and the ending. Then I fill in the rest of the story (weird huh?).

2) I don't have a middle name (in my real name that is).

3) I am a huge animal lover.

4) I like to dip my Oreo cookies in milk.

5) I still, at almost 45 years of age, will get carded (what are they blind?).

6) On the titles of my books, you will notice I usually only use two words (another one of those weird quirks of mine).

7) I love to go to thirft stores and find treasures!

8) I am legally blind (like in blind as a frickin' bat, but can see with corrective lens).

I am tagging these poor authors *wickedly laughing*

Stella and Audra Price
Jamie Hill
Raine Delight
Melodee Aaron

Gracie C. McKeever
Jaden Sinclair
Destiny Blaine
Regan Taylor

Sunday, July 01, 2007

New release - Rearing Heat by Skylar Sinclair

Rearing Heat by Skylar Sinclair
Publisher: Siren Publishing
ISBN: 1-933563-91-8
Genre: Paranormal Erotic Romance
Rating: Scorching
Price: $2.99

Blurb: What do you get when two equestrian shifters cross paths and one has no idea there are more of their kind? Rearing heat…baby!

Dex Legend knows what he saw and smelled that morning standing atop the ridge within the backdrop of the glistening sun, a beautiful golden mare, bold as you please. And to add fuel to this heady mix she is in heat and could be his mate! In a blink of an eye, she is gone, but a persistent hard-on has plagued him ever since.

Shayla Smith has finally found a place to call home at least for a while. Shayla has no idea there are more of her kind left—equestrian shifters—and especially not a drop dead gorgeous stud that will not take no for an answer.

A paranormal erotic romance where nothing is taboo and the carnality is untamed!

Skylar Sinclair
Award-winning and bestselling author