Monday, September 11, 2006

Christmas Ink by Skylar Sinclair – One of the top winners!!!

Christmas Ink by Skylar Sinclair is one of the TOP placing and money winners in Stardust Press’ Christmas writing contest.

Coming in December from Stardust Press!

Chris Kringle is once again, after his son, Christopher, to take over the family business…that of being Santa Claus. But Christopher cannot do that without a missus by his side; only Christopher has other plans for his life. His life is being a doctor and he loves his life just the way it is. He wants to help people by healing them, not pushing presents.
Christopher has his whole life planned out and things are going smoothly until a motorcycle accident victim is brought in late one night and turns his merry little world up side down, faster than you can say, “jingle bells”.

Candi Kane has left home to find herself, traveling on her motorcycle to where she really does not know, she just needs to get away and think. No sooner does she decide to stop in the small town of Wadeville, than a car pulls out in front of her and she lays down her motorcycle and ends up in the care of one very handsome doctor--Doctor Christopher Kringle.

During the holidays, these two will find out the true meaning of giving, sharing and the magic of Christmas in the most of unusual of ways.

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