Saturday, September 30, 2006

^..^The Lore of the Vampire^..^

There is something unmistakable about a creature that will take you with more than his or her body. The thought is provocative and sensuous to imagine him or her sinking their canines into a part of your body and taking your blood. It is more than just personal it is erotic and conjuring.

Vampires have been intriguing the public since storytelling was invented. Their personas have heated up the movie screens, pages of books and heightened the dark nights of campfires around the world. Their lore is timeless and mysterious, sensual and bankable. You can never go wrong writing about vampires and the victims their bites changes or enhances.

The second story I ever wrote (Scent of Passion) will be out in November 2006 from Midnight Show in an all-erotic vampire anthology called Vamptation. This story was written in one day, and I was literally bit with the bug to write more paranormal type tales.

With October ghosting through the air, vampires and their likes are the perfect read to spook the time away…


Skylar Sinclair.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

October 1, 2006 All Hallow's Eve Bash at Love Romances Cafe!

All Hallow’s Eve from Venus Press

October 1, 2006 (Sunday) the All Hallow’s Eve authors will be chatting at Love Romances Café all day. We will be dishing up about our All Hallow's Eve series from Venus Press, which starts October 4, 2006. It all starts at 9:00 am (EST) and will run until the last ghost disappears!

Chris Neeley -- Blood Born
Bonnie Dee -- The Straw Man
Jude Mason -- Freeing the Beast Within
D. Musgrave -- Blood Creek Haunting
Andrea Glenn -- A Dark Night in Paris
Frankie Belleville -- Vampiric Nights
Emma Wildes -- Ritual Passion
Erin O'Niall -- Forever Mine
Ann Cory -- Spoiled Candy
Teresa Wymore -- Casting Shadows
Kallysten -- Forget Ever After
Melissa Glisan -- Night Lights
Skylar Sinclair -- Purr For Me

The great news is one lucky winner will receive all 13 books in the series. Yes, you read that right, ALL 13 books in the All Hallow's Eve Series, along with 13 individual winners who will receive a book of their choice (from the participating author's backlist).

So, drop on by and join the spook-tacular entertainment, prizes and excerpts going on all day at Love Romances Café! You never know what fearsome fun you will miss if you do not come!
You must join the group to participate, but what fun we will have!!

See you there!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Available at Fictionwise - Controversial - SEX SLAVE by Skylar Sinclair

Now available at Fictionwise – Sex Slave by Skylar Sinclair

This is the one and only time you will be able to read this type of tale by this author. That is if you are brave enough!

Find out why this story has become a hotbed of controversy and comes with the highest of ratings!


Talya Nix finds an unusual anklet in her grandmother's trunk that was found in storage after her grandmother’s death.This anklet, this sex slave anklet, once put on will never come off. It will transport Talya to a hedonistic realm were she will be owned and used for her Master's pleasure. A slave to every sexual depravity known to man, a carnal toy at the mercy of her Master's whims…Her body and mind will be pushed to endure and survive. She will have to learn to depend on her Master for pain, pleasure and her very life…

This is not a romantic story, but a story of a soul being desecrated, only to be reformed into the perfect sex slave. You have been warned!

Please Note: This story has controversial material that might be offensive. If horror, explicit sex and demonic elements don’t bother you, then be my guest…

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Summer Heat 3 still going strong in sales!

Found out a little while ago that Summer Heat 3 has topped out as the best seller on Midnight Showcase’s site for August and the best seller at Fictionwise for the second quarter.

My story Swing by Me was the first story I ever contracted and seeing this made my day.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

One of those great days...

Have you ever had one of those days when everything right and good happens to you? Today was like that for me. From getting picked as the Rising Stars of Love Romances and More for the month of October to having everything fall into place on a story I am just about to finish writing. All the pieces of my life fit perfectly today. It is nice to have those days, and I hope many more will brighten my doorstep ;)

Skylar Sinclair.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

New Cover for Dream Lord: The Tome of Unnatural Desires

This morning ML Benton sent me my cover and she did me proud. Dream Lord is part of The Tome of Unnatural Desires Series, which is contracted with Forbidden Publications. The series starts October 6, 2006. The two remaining books in the series Shadowed Passion and Fallen Angels are written and will be released early 2007. They all contain elements of controversy!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Advance Review for PURR FOR ME

Coming October 4, 2006 from Venus Press. It is part of the All Hallow's Eve Series.

Rating: 4 Lips!

Panteara Pereira loves being in the half human and half panther form that can only be achieved on her birthday or after she mates. For twenty-four hours she can allow the sensuous feline in her to dominate. Attending Halloween parties in her half shifted form has always been such a treat for her but when she goes out on the eve of her thirty-second birthday, the last thing she wants is to encounter her mate…

For Roarke Rawling, it’s always been about the chase. At the request of his sister, he attends a Halloween party. When he’s about to leave, the most gorgeous creature he’s ever seen enters the room. She’s one of his kind. And she’s his mate.

In one word, Purr For Me is HOT! Roarke had me purring from the beginning. Skylar Sinclair has created an alpha that will have your pulse racing and your panties wet. I appreciatd the complimentary balance between Roarke and Panteara because they're both strong and independent individuals. While some of the dialogue bordered on purple prose, this short story is definitely worth reading and will leave you wanting more! Especially after the surprise twist at the end...

I hope that it's the beginning of a wonderful new series because I would love to learn more about Panteara's brothers.

TwoLips Reviews
Reviewed by Kerin

Friday, September 15, 2006

Released today - SEX SLAVE by Skylar Sinclair

I am please to announce my latest release called Sex Slave. It is with Mardi Gras Publishing and is part of the VooDoo Moon and Scaremare series.

This is the first horror paranormal ecotica I have ever written and to be truthful, I loved writing it.

If scary sex excites you, then this story might be just what you are looking for!

Thank you,

Skylar Sinclair.


I am please to announce my latest release called Sex Slave. It is with Mardi Gras Publishing and is part of the VooDoo Moon and Scaremare series.

This is the first horror paranormal ecotica I have ever written and to be truthful, I loved writing it.

If scary sex excites you, then this story might be just what you are looking for!

Thank you,

Skylar Sinclair.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Countdown - In two days all HELL is going to break loose!

Coming September 16, 2006 from Mardi Gras Publishing Sex Slave by Skylar Sinclair

VooDoo Moon Line - Scaremare

Excerpt: ADULT!!!

As her eyes moved around her small stone prison, they landed on a pair of black leather thighs that looked as if pants were painted on. They were so tight; she knew exactly which way he wore his impressive snake that slithered up the front of his pants— to the left to be exact. If that baby got any bigger, it might peek out the waistband. She had never seen a cock of that size before—BIG! Monster big. No man should be that well endowed.

Her curious gaze moved on up to his bare chest. Swirls of dark chestnut hair matted around each of his nipples trailing back down into the top of his leather pants, leading her eye back down to the large bundle between his legs. Breaking away from the hypnotic pull of his sex, she brought her eyes up farther, this time up to his face. A face that was pretty much covered with a leather mask, which seemed to be coordinated to his pants—black. For some insane reason the song, Back in Black from AC/DC came to mind, as she looked him over.

If she were not in such deep shit right now, it would have been somewhat comical.Concentrating on his full presence, he was a large man in stature from what she could tell from her position on the ground, leaning arrogantly with one shoulder propped up against the wall. A current of dark red hair streamed out from beneath his black mask hanging past his shoulders like a brilliant flaming curtain. His eyes were hard to discern behind the mask, yet shadows of light seemed to dance behind them, glowing in an ungodly fashion. What set her heart to pounding madly against the wall of her chest was seeing his gleaming white incisors pressing down over his lip, curling in and denting his lower lip when he cracked his full lips apart smiling in a feral crease.

Okay, now that is fucking scary.Does scary sex excite you?

If you answered yes, then welcome to the hedonistic world of Skylar Sinclair!

This is not about romance. It is a frightening filled tale of sexual domination and the desecration of one woman's soul...

Yesterday I turned down the contract for Christmas Ink

Yesterday, I did something I have never had to do in my writing career, and that was pull a submission. One that was already judged and a top-placing winner of a Christmas writing contest, with contract issued.

After careful consideration, I had to humbly turn down the contract offer and winning prize money. In regards to publishing contracts, I would urge every author to always read your publishing contract thoroughly. If you have any questions, never hesitate to contact the publishing company with any questions you might have about their contract offer. If they are not willing to work with you, then the likelihood is that they might not be the right fit for you and your work.

Another issue I would like to point out, if the publishers are not in the USA then you might want to think twice before contracting with them. The laws differ from country to country and some contracts would be null and void, tying up your work for years to come in litigations. I am not saying to never deal with publishers outside of the good old USA, but be cautious and well informed.


Skylar Sinclair.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Christmas Ink by Skylar Sinclair – One of the top winners!!!

Christmas Ink by Skylar Sinclair is one of the TOP placing and money winners in Stardust Press’ Christmas writing contest.

Coming in December from Stardust Press!

Chris Kringle is once again, after his son, Christopher, to take over the family business…that of being Santa Claus. But Christopher cannot do that without a missus by his side; only Christopher has other plans for his life. His life is being a doctor and he loves his life just the way it is. He wants to help people by healing them, not pushing presents.
Christopher has his whole life planned out and things are going smoothly until a motorcycle accident victim is brought in late one night and turns his merry little world up side down, faster than you can say, “jingle bells”.

Candi Kane has left home to find herself, traveling on her motorcycle to where she really does not know, she just needs to get away and think. No sooner does she decide to stop in the small town of Wadeville, than a car pulls out in front of her and she lays down her motorcycle and ends up in the care of one very handsome doctor--Doctor Christopher Kringle.

During the holidays, these two will find out the true meaning of giving, sharing and the magic of Christmas in the most of unusual of ways.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Great month for my first two releases!

I have to say that the release of my very first two stories was mind blowing.
Summer Heat 3, an eight-author anthology, was the number one seller at Midnight Showcase for the month of August!

Faeful: Sexual Magic from Venus Press was one of the top ten sellers for the month of August. But, what make this so special to me was it had only been out the last week of August and still managed to be in the top ten.

I would like to thank the readers, because without you guys this would not have been possible! Thank you from the bottom of my heart,


Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Faeful: Sexual Magic Top 10 Best Seller for the Month of August!

With only one week of release in the month of August, FAEFUL: SEXUAL MAGIC by Skylar Sinclair was one of the top ten best sellers for the ENTIRE month of August from Venus Press!

“A magical melding of Harry Potter and J. R. R. Tolkien, but with heat!”

“Faeful: Sexual Magic is one of those rare short stories that has the feel of a full length novel. Skylar Sinclair’s wonderfully descriptive language, masterful character development and intriguing plot make this one of the best stories I have read recently. Hot enough to start a meltdown the action flows well with the story.”

TwoLips Reviews
Reviewed by Kristi

Lee Harrison is special–immortal; she just doesn’t know it yet. As an infant, she was imparted some of an Unfaeful fairy’s evil magic. An unexplainable anomaly has triggered Lee’s Unfaeful magic before its time and in a blink of an eye, her life will never be the same again. She is deceived, taken from her world, bitten, and has the most erotic encounters she could have ever imagined.

She once dreamed of fairy tales, now she will live one. Only this fairy tale is shrouded in good vs. evil, spells, erotic conjuring and the convincing of love. What makes Lee special can also destroy her if not controlled and neutralized.

Philet, a Faeful fairy, is a member Fairies United Creation Keepers, and he is sent in to retrieve Lee. His attraction to this human woman is instantaneous and fierce. When she panics and her Unfaeful magic starts to rise, he will do what most be done to contain her evil magic. What he does will forever bond them as Fated-Mate. He will have to rethink his fairy ways trying to convince Lee of his love, while striving to save her soul.

A rare glimpse into the making of a true adult fairy tale…
Buy now!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Next Release! September 16, 2006 - Sex Slave

Coming September 16, 2006 from Mardi Gras Publishing. It is a Scaremare - VooDoo Moon Line. If you love erotic tales with the added spice of horror/scary, then Sex Slave might just be what you are looking for!


Talya Nix finds an unusual anklet in her grandmother's trunk that wasleft to her in her grandmother's will.

This anklet, this sex slave anklet, once put on the wear's ankle willnever come off. It will transport her to a hedonistic realm were shewill be owned and used for her Master's pleasure. A slave to everysexual depravity known to man, a carnal toy at the mercy of herMaster's whims…

Her body and mind will be pushed to endure and survive. She will haveto learn to depend on her Master for pain, pleasure, and her very life…
A little history on the writing of this story. It took me out of my comfort zone, one that encompassed HEA (which this one is not). I had to look deep into my soul for thing I found scary, horrifying and twisted. What I found was that this was the easiest story I have ever written. So, what does that tell me...I am a little twisted ;)