Friday, May 25, 2012

New Release - Wild Lover by Skylar Sinclair

My first single title release is finally here, Wild Lover published by Evernight Publishing.  Trey and Farrah's story was a true labor of love that will always hold a special place in my heart.
Half man, half beast but all wild lover...


Wild Lover by Skylar Sinclair
Evernight Publishing
Paranormal/Fantasy Erotic Romance

The next moment, Farrah found herself pressed up against the cool, mirrored wall of the elevator with her front singed by the fiery heat of Trey’s big body. His arms completely caged her in on either side and his loose hair fell forward, veiling his chiseled features.
Even though, she still could make out the heat in his eyes. His arms bulged as he leaned in to close his lips over hers, sealing their mutual groans of pleasure. On the backs of her eyelids she saw billowing curtains in an opened window that flowed down over a bed covered in deep red satin sheets. They were tangled around lovers locked together in intimacy, their bodies in the throng of passion, glowing with perspiration. 
Shivers of desire flittered up through Farrah’s body and her legs weakened.
Trey’s lips and tongue slowly teased at her mouth again and again before once more settling fully over parted lips. His stiff cock pressing into her stomach sent twinges of arousal nipping at her clit. Her hands reached up and circled his neck, tangling in his hair. This was much more than a kiss. It was an all-out seductive assault on her senses. She threaded her fingers into his hair, pulling him even closer as the kiss grew more demanding, more domineering.
This time, Farrah didn’t stop the urge to crawl up his body. She eased one leg around his lean hip, centering her pussy over the outline of his luscious cock. She rubbed up and down over him to release some of the building ache. Her moans of sexual excitement echoed in the quiet elevator.
One of Trey’s broad, callused hands slipped down her hip and around her body to grasp her ass. He pulled her closer, tighter into his erection. “You feel so damn good,” he breathed against her mouth. “It’s all I can do not to take you right here, right now.” Leaning over, he pushed the elevator button and whispered. “Time to go up, so I can go down…”

Monday, November 15, 2010

'Twas a Dark & Delicious Christmas anthology

I am finally back writing again after almost two years. And, man, it feels wonderful to be creating new characters and the worlds they thrive in.

Coming December 2010, 'Twas a Dark & Delicious Christmas anthology from Evernight Publishing.
I have a short erotic fantasy tale entitled, Hard for the Holidays. There are 13 fantastic authors in this Christmas anthology.

I will also be having a contest for the release of this book. I will be giving away a gorgeous piece of jewelry!
So, keeping checking my website for more details as the first of December gets closer!

Happy Hot Reading,

Skylar Sinclair.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

The ultimate Inspiration for a writer

I hit a wall a few days ago as I was writing the sequel to Rearing Heat, Stallion’s Heat. The one person I always turn to is also my greatest fan, Kimmy.

Not only did Kimmy help me figure out where the characters were going today, but she told me of an email she had gotten a while back about a young lady that showed a quarter horse at the All American Quarter Horse Congress in 2006. You might ask what is so special about that? She showed this horse without a saddle or bridle. She also dedicated this performance to her father she just lost twenty-four days ago. I was raised on a working Quarter horse farm and this video really touched my heart.

If you want to see true love between horse and rider, then please click on this link. Beware, you might want to have a box of tissues handy!

A special love

Happy hot reading,

Skylar Sinclair

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Kim Lenox is a paranormal princess...

There is nothing like finding another exceptional author that inspires and enthralls me. Kim Lenox's books do. Her novels of the Shadow Guard, Night Falls Darkly and So Still The Night (and Darker Than Night, coming April 2010), transcend from being a good read to ones that are head and shoulders above the rest.

I found myself running home to delve back into the books, to lose myself within the characters lives and loves. The paranormal elements in Night Falls Darkly and So Still The Night are unbelievably refreshing and cutting edge. Lenox's writing not only is genius, but creates a brilliant canvas for her characters to come alive and rule the pages they breathe life into.

The main male characters are alpha-type men who are sexy, virile, and downright mouthwatering. Even though they are tough, Lenox gives them a vulnerable side that gripped my heart. The female leads are thank gods not-too-stupid-for-words, but women who you and I can relate to. The secondary characters fill-in the story perfectly.

If you are looking for a new author who writes very sensual historical paranormal novels, then Night Falls Darkly and So Still The Night by Kim Lenox should be at the top of your reading pile. She is mine.

Happy hot reading,

Skylar Sinclair

Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas party in the snow...

Yep, it is that time of year again when my company takes us, the employees, to the mountains for our annual Christmas party.

First we settle into our rooms at the hotel. Later we are picked up (no driving since we are drinking). We are treated to a private dinner with an open bar (yeah, with all the drinking going on, it turns out to be a dinner with a show...LOL).

After dinner, the owner hands out our Christmas bonus checks (YAY:).

Next morning, we are taken to the owner's house (he lives in said mountains) and he and his wife make us a fabulous breakfast.

I look forward to this every year and with that said, I am off to start my merriment!

Happy hot holidays,

Skylar Sinclair

Friday, December 12, 2008

My new toy...

I have been looking for over a year for a new car. I had to have a Chysler Crossfire and I wouldn't settle for less. Finally, a few weeks ago, I found my perfect car and I went for it!

So, here is my angel. I love this car! As my saying goes..."I like my men well hung and my cars low slung." I got my low slung car, and the other is, well, I will leave up to your imagination...LOL.

Happy holiday everyone,

Skylar Sinclair.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

New release - A Sexual Spark from Total-e-bound!

A Sexual Spark has been re-released with Total-e-bound. This book is the start of the Brotherhood of Spark series coming in late 2008 with TEB.

Have you ever had a complete stranger make your body ache and your skin feel like it is on fire when he enters the room? Your breath takes on a pant and you imagine him dominating you and taking control of your body. Everything narrows down to just him and you, alone in tangled sheets, using you until you cannot live without his touch--his body inside yours. If yes is your answer, then come take a wild ride with me…

My name is Loren Westley, and that exact thing will happen to me one night while I am working at my job as a cocktail waitress at Freaks, a paranormal hangout. The moment he walks through the door, starts me on a downward spiral into a sexual odyssey that will forever mark my soul, and I look forward to every deliciously heated minute with him.

To read an excerpt or purchase, click here

Happy hot reading,

Skylar Sinclair