Saturday, January 05, 2008

To clarify things – does Skylar do cover art?

I have over 7 years (more like 8) in experience using Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro. Creating artwork comes naturally to me. I have been doing it as long as I have been riding horses (that has been since I was a little girl by the way) though back then, I only had Crayons to draw with.

In the next couple of months, I will be opening a separate site for my cover designs called Romance Covers

I find the challenge of capturing the author’s dream cover exhilarating. Seeing their emails expressing their excitement over the cover I created cannot be put into mere words.

My specialty you might wonder? I can hand paint hair, eye color and backgrounds into readymade photos. This has taken me years to develop, and all those long hours were worth it. If you think it is easy, open up Photoshop CS3. If you have never done it and have almost hundreds of dollars to spare, do. Then be prepared to say HOLY SH*T when you do open up said program. I did when I first opened up PSP 3 or maybe it was 4 back then. The program boggled my mind. I reopened Photoshop a good month later and never looked back. If you love it do it! Whatever that may be.

In this mockup cover I did for Bareback Angels, the two men I have added hair and eye color too. The backgrounds (yes there is more than one background in this cover), I have hand drawn. The lettering (font) is created using the style key in Photoshop. You can buy styles or create your own (think macro and save a string of commands into a one-touch key stroke).

So now you know more about me.

Skylar, also a cover artist.

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