Monday, January 21, 2008

New contracts for Skylar Sinclair

2008 has started off with a bang. I have two new publishers, Total-e-bound and Freya's Bower. Total-e-bound contracted my newest book written for 2008, entitled Fantasies Unlashed (contemporary erotic romance). It is a story of a woman craving to experience something new. A sexually adventure she’s never done, but will finally find it within herself to try. This story will be more than just sex (though it will come with a highly sexual rating for TEB), I wanted emotional depth to play an important role, also. Bella will be a woman most of us can identify with. She isn’t perfect, physically, nevertheless she’s all women. A sexy, voluptuous character that will steal your heart, along with a leading man we all desire: strong, passionate, yet sensitive.

We women know that behind every great man, is an even greater woman!

Here is the blurb:Ever fantasized about partaking in a night of uninhibited sex with a stranger? Letting him do things to your body that you have only dreamed of?

Bella Simmons is looking to fulfill that fantasy she has long for, but up until now, never has. She will venture out one night, with the clear intend of finding a sexy stranger and having the wildest carnal night of her life!

Freya’s Bower, a highly reputable publisher, will be publishing my revised version of Extraordinary Love and its never published sequel, Sacred Love in 2008. Both are paranormal erotic romances.

Extraordinary Love’s cover, which I designed, won an ARIANA (Epic) award for Best Cover in paranormal, fantasy, sci-fi and futuristic erotic romance. And, Freya’s Bower has graciously allowed me to use it when it’s re-released.

I will be attending the EPICon convention to receive this award in Portland Oregon, March 6-9, 2008. If you are available to attend, I would love to meet you!

I will be giving away a really cool promo item at this event. So don’t miss it!

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