Saturday, January 05, 2008

My two books with Phaze are in the bestsellers of 2007

I just got the news from Phaze that Purr For Me and The Stud Farm were both in the top twenty bestsellers for 2007 (out of hundreds of releases!).

Can I say Wow...WOW!

The Phaze Top 20 Sellers for 2007
1) The Arrangement
2) The Rancher's Ultimatum
3) Cupid's Captive
4) Kiss of the Sun
5) Testing Passion
6) Savior
7) Diet Another Day
8) Sons of Amber: Michael
9) Kitten
10) Purr For Me
11) Wicked Game
12) Tangled Web
13) Onyx
14) Sons of Amber: Ezekiel
15) The Duke's Husband
16) The Power of Two
17) The Stud Farm
18) Servicing Lady Tremayne
19) Sanctuary
20) Beastly Intentions

Happy hot reading,

Skylar Sinclair.


Zinnia said...

That's awesome!!!

Skylar Sinclair said...

Thank you Zinnia!