Saturday, December 08, 2007

Two more reviewers love A Sexual Spark!

5 out of 5

I just put down A Sexual Spark and all I can say is… WOW!!

That Sin in Sinclair really comes out in this book. This was the most descriptive book I’ve read in a while. Skylar takes not only her characters but you the reader for one wild ride. It seems Loren has seen all kinds at her job as a cocktail waitress for a paranormal bar called Freaks. Then a tall, dark, and dangerous stranger makes her rethink that. He makes her wet with a glance and her scream for more than that before the nights over. She won’t be able to get him out of her head and… Damn it… neither can I. This is a definite recommended read. Five Delightful Divas hands down.

eviewed by Jade Twilight
Dark Diva Reviews


4 out of 5

Working in a bar called Freaks should have made Loren, a shifter herself, pretty cynical about the types of people who come in for a drink… and for the most part, she was. Even still, when the tall, dark, to-die-for good looking biker walked in, she knew she was toast, especially when she realized he couldn’t take his eyes off of her. Will she take the chance and let A Sexual Spark fan into something more?

Skylar Sinclair is a genius at writing stories that just hit the spot. Long enough to tell the tale, yet quick enough to enjoy on your lunch hour, A Sexual Spark will definitely make you ignite. Although Loren knows she’s not the kind of girl for happily ever after, she’ll take happily sated tonight with the sex god in the bar. Join her in a sexual escapade that’s only been whispered about in legends! And watch as she discovers just what she’s capable of…

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