Monday, December 24, 2007

Babes in Toyland II receives Rogues & Romance Must Read Award!

This is my third straight Recommended Read award this month! Babes in Toyland II (Christmas anthology) from Aspen Mountain Press receives the Rogues & Romance Must Read award!

Babes in Toyland II really blew me away with it’s fun, smart, sexy, and imaginative stories. Every single one of those stories were ones I enjoyed reading immensely, and the folks at Aspen Mountain should get a big round of applause for choosing the perfect blend of fantastic stories for this anthology. Not only did I find Babes in Toyland II a definite keeper, but I found a ton of new authors that I loved. This is one I will certainly be reading again- at Christmas and all throughout the year.

-Mandy Briggs Rogues and Romance
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What a wonderful Christmas present!

Merry Christmas,

Skylar Sinclair

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