Thursday, December 20, 2007

Skylar's book buying frenzy this week

I am home this week recouping from oral surgery (can we say yikes!). I have gone months without diving into some of my favorite foods, and goodness do I like to eat.

Anyway, I have been on this book buying kick the last couple of days. Whose books did Skylar buy?

I started off by buying Lady of Light and Shadows by C. L. Wilson. This author has penned a completely unique and magical realm for her characters. I just started this book, so I will tell you more as I get to know the characters more intimately. Believe it or not, I found this book at my local Walgreens, and I bought the last copy too :)

Yesterday I purchased The Cheater’s Guide To Writing Erotic Romance by Morgan Hawke from Mojocastle Press. I have to say this sharp-minded and plain talking author has my creative juices flowing again. If you are an author just starting out (this isn’t just for erotic authors either) or one like me that already has published works, it never hurts to learn the secrets and tips by the masters like Morgan Hawke. How the heck do you think I have best selling books?...I take classes and read books regularly.

Today I purchased The Red Storm by Zinnia Hope. You can get a copy at Lavender Isis Press. I haven’t started it as of yet, but Zinnia’s voice is soft and sensual, and one that is all her own, that much I do know.

Well, back to writing and reading,

Skylar Sinclair


Zinnia said...

Oooohhhhh! That last paragraph gave me chills! LOL!

Thanks, Skylar!

Zinnia said...

Btw, that is one major kickass blog header! Wow!

Skylar Sinclair said...

Thank you Zinnia.

The blog header was created by the highly talented Dan Skinner. Isn't he the best?


Morgan Hawke said...

-- I'm so glad you found my "Cheater's Guide" of interest.

I wouldn't call myself a master, I'm far from it. However, I do make a nice living on the books I have out.

I wrote the 'Cheater's Guide' because I wanted to put out a how-to-write book that was straight forward, easy to understand, and easy to apply. (Lena Austin calls it the Plug-and-Play book for writers.)

Hopefully you found one or two tidbits useful.

Skylar Sinclair said...

Hell who are you kidding. You are the master as far as I am concerned. Do you see me in print...nope! So, let the learning begin...

May others grow from your words.