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Sex Slave by Skylar Sinclair - Bestseller 4 Straight Months in a Row!

"Sultry and Seductive, guaranteed to whet your appetite." —Bestselling Paranormal author D.N. Simmons

Now available at Fictionwise and Mardi Gras Publishing– Sex Slave by Skylar Sinclair

Find out why this story has become a hotbed of controversy and comes with the highest of ratings!

Over 200 copies has sold since release!
Sex Slave by Skylar Sinclair
Mardi Gras Publishing
ISBN: 978-0-9789986-0-8
Length: Short Story
Price: $2.99
Genre: BDSM/Bondage Erotic

Talya Nix finds an unusual anklet in her grandmother's trunk that wasleft to her in her grandmother's will.This anklet, this sex slave anklet, once put on the wear's ankle willnever come off. It will transport her to a hedonistic realm were shewill be owned and used for her Master's pleasure. A slave to everysexual depravity known to man, a carnal toy at the mercy of herMaster's whims…

Her body and mind will be pushed to endure and survive. She will haveto learn to depend on her Master for pain, pleasure, and her very life…

RATING: Explicit, Adult language – Some of the contents are scary and controversial. This is not a romantic tale! Now I dare you to open the book…

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Praise for Sex Slave:
Skylar Sinclair takes us into an all too real world of darkness and erotic slavery. The book is dark, it rides an edge the rest of the world might not be ready for, and dares you to take the chance. Can you take that step? This is edgy, filled with darkness, walking the thin line on the other side of which lurks depravity. It is gritty fantasy, more horror than romance, and gives a look into the underside of domination and bondage. Sex Slave is an unusual book, and no, it doesn't have a happy ever after ending, but it does give one food for thought as well as drive home the message that one has to be careful what one wishes for, and also with whom one deals. I still found it a very well written and darkly enjoyable read, but it is assuredly not for the faint of heart, or those looking for a light sexy read. If you can handle the darkness, the edge, I highly recommend Sex Slave by Skylar Sinclair, and available from Mardi Gras Publishing.

Reviewed by Rose
Romance at Heart
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