Thursday, January 04, 2007

Key to Sin by Skylar Sinclar Bestseller for the month of December!

“A sinful fantasy about a powerful God and one unsuspecting woman”

Key to Sin by Skylar Sinclair
Venus Press
Length: Aphrodisiac
Price: $2.98
Genre: Fantasy Erotic Romance

What would you do if you were given a golden key to unlock a world of fantasy along with a sinful and powerful man that knew just how to make your body writhe in passion?

This happened to Shana Willis. One night as she was leaving her job, a mysterious old skeleton key dropped out of her employee locker. Along with the key there is a love poem. Shana will find the exact lock that this key fits, and with a turn, her life will forever change!

King Sindale is the God of his world—magic and sex makes up his wondrous Isle of Ametheysea. He has waited a lifetime for just the right time to bring his woman—his mate into his magical kingdom and nothing will stand in his way in obtaining her…

RATING: Explicit sexual content and adult language.
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Award-winning and bestselling author


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