Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Saying Goodbye and saying hello to publishers...

One of the hardest things in an author's life is saying goodbye to a wonderful publisher, who has gone astray, but will hopeful find their way back down the road. I did that with Venus Press. My books Faeful: Sexual Magic, Purr For Me, Key to Sin and Amulet to Ametheysea are no longer available for purchase at this time.

The good news is that I wasted no time looking for new homes for these books. All but Key to Sin will be coming out again this year. I have special plans for Key, so keep and eye out for what I have up my sleeve ;)

Faeful: Sexual Magic will be coming out later 2007 with Mardi Gras Publishing.

Amulet to Ametheysea (now called Impassioned Sea) will be coming out with Liquid Silver Books.

Purr For Me will be coming at in October with Phaze, expanded with Tabby's story included. Also, with a new title Scratch me and Purr.

I look forward to seeing these stories shine once again with new publishers.

Remember, when a door closes, a window is usually near to open. Nothing is impossible if you desire it enough.


Skylar Sinclair

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