Thursday, March 27, 2008

Dark Eden Press is closing its doors April 1st, 2008

For the third time in my writing career, a publisher I am with is closing their doors. With Dark Eden Press (DEP), it is because the owner has serious health issue and that I can understand. I wish Debra, the owner, all the best and hope she gets well soon.

I will be looking for new homes for, A Sexual Spark (my one and only first person tale, which Emily Veinglory compared to Laura K. Hamilton in her better days) and An Eternal Bite, a paranormal erotic romance.

Do I get discouraged? Yes for a moment, then I gather myself together and move on. I did this with Mardi Gras Publishing and, in the end, I won the coveted Quasar cover art award with Epic and Freya’s Bower took the series on the first three chapters. I believe things happen for a reason though we might not comprehend them at the time. So here’s to a new future!

Happy hot reading,

Skylar Sinclair.

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