Friday, November 02, 2007

Purr For Me awarded a recommended read!

Roarke Rawling is a lion beast shapeshifter who has been convinced to attend a Halloween Party by his sister. His costume of a lion tamer is too small and the only thing he likes about it is the long boots anyway. He has all but decided to leave when he smells a new arrival. Another shapeshifter - a female cat that he must meet now. Panteara Pereira is a panther shapeshifter and she just can't wait to attend her friends Halloween party. Especially since she has the perfect natural costume - herself half human and half panther. No one will ever guess that her costume is anything more than a tight fitting, furry bodysuit.

Roarke and Panteara meet at the bar and realize that they could be mates. This causes different reactions in each of them. This night of passion and discovery is going to change their lives forever and it will be revealing what the morning will bring for them. A pair of newly mated mates or are they really?

A sensual feeling in Purr for Me goes from the first page to the last. I could feel Roarke and Panteara coming to terms with their passion and becoming mates. Sensuality combines with great sex to help tell their story of discovery and acceptance. At the end of the story I have to say that Ms. Sinclair got me good. When I turned the last page that is exactly what I thought. In disbelief I quickly reread the story and even knowing the ending I had the same reaction. Purr for Me is a wonderful sexy and sensual story with a truly surprise ending. I Joyfully Recommend this to anyone who enjoys either paranormals or Halloween stories as a keeper.

Reviewed by Jo

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