Friday, November 30, 2007

New release - Babes in Toyland II by Skylar Sinclair

My Christmas fantasy, Christmas Ink, is in the Babes in Toyland II anthology released today with Aspen Mountain Press .

It is an eight author anthology to ring in the coming holidays!

Excerpt from Christmas Ink:

It was hard to tell what she looked like, with her long blond hair wildly arranged around her tiny face, a face that was almost as white as the sheet that covered her. By her head was the helmet she had worn, thank goodness. It was a mess. The face shield was completely torn away and there were deep scratches and missing paint from most of its left side. Even the chinstrap was missing. She had definitely taken a nasty spill. Christopher's soft heart went out to the injured young lady. He hated to see anyone suffer, but now he had a job to do. Time to get to it.

As they started working on her, Christopher heard Janice chuckle quietly. With his head still down, he just had to find out what tickled her. "Okay Janice, what tickled your funny bone?"
Janice pointed to the medical chart she had started on the young lady. "You are never going to believe what her name is. It is just too precious." A genuine smile lit up her face as she waited to see if Christopher would bite.

"Haven't a clue. What is it, pray tell?"

"Candi Kane. Get it? We are in the month of December with Christmas just around the corner, and we have a patient with the name of Candi Kane. How coincidental is that and with you being Doctor Chris Kringle?"

Yeah, how coincidental was that when you are the son of freaking Santa Claus. Christopher mentally rolled his eyes. "Yeah, that is wild, Janice," he replied never missing a beat.
Why did he have this funny feeling in his gut that this woman named Candi Kane would somehow alter his life? No more time to think right now, he had to keep his mind on business and get this young lady back on the road to recovery. He pushed the thought to the back of his mind and his professional expertise took over.

Something about her intrigued him, touched him in a way he'd not experienced before. He felt the need to know her and Christopher couldn't wait to hear what her story was when she finally woke up. And why was his right ass cheek burning? Like he had time to scratch it right now!

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Happy hot reading,

Skylar Sinclair

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