Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Siren Authors are having a huge contest!

The Siren Authors are having another contest!

We had so much fun with the last one, we’re doing it again. ‘Fall Into Romance – The Sequel’ is even better than the first contest, with bigger prizes!!

The Prizes: Three Gift Certificates, one for ten dollars, and two for fifteen dollars each, good for the purchase of books from SIREN PUBLISHING.

What you have to do: Just visit the Siren website
and look for the answers to the questions below. All answers can be found in the ‘excerpts’ posted.

These are all new questions – so if you entered last time, you need to enter again!

How to enter: Send your answers to

Contest closes Sunday, October 7, 2007 at 11:59 p.m. eastern time.

Winners will be announced Monday October 8th right here!


1) In Rearing Heat by Skylar Sinclair, what did Dex call Shayla that alerted her that he knew she was an equestrian shifter?

2) In the excerpt from Amanda Hilton’s Vision of Light, what is the name of the place where Lucien and Aislan are hiding out?

3) On the coming soon page (, in the blurb for Renee Knowles' erotic chick lit Going Topless, where do the two sisters vacation?

4) In Samantha Lucas’ Tower of Secrets, what interrupts Marina and Sebastian’s moment of passion?

5) In Just A Kiss by Lara Santiago, what flavor does Gabrielle taste when she kisses Keller and what happens to her when she tastes it?

6) In the excerpt for Caught Off Guard by Tonya Ramagos, what is Dean wearing?

7) In Emma Wildes’ The Manuscript, who is Margot and why does she hire Claire Fallon?

8) In the adult excerpt from Made For Each Other by Morgan Ashbury, what did Lesley and Charlie make love on?

Good luck, everyone!!!

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