Thursday, August 16, 2007

Rearing Heat grabs another perfect 5-rated review!

5 Lips!

Shayla Smith has never met another equestrian shifter and she spends her life moving from place to place searching for somewhere to call her own. She thinks she may have finally have found a home where she can indulge in her horse side and run.

Dex Legend and his brothers know that female equestrian shifters are rare and when he scents a female he knows she could be the one meant to be his mate. But first he must find her. Shayla leads Dex on a wild chase!

Rearing Heat is one of the best Skylar Sinclair books ever! Dex and Shayla have an intense passion and when they indulge in it, you’d better watch out. Hot is a tame word for their lovemaking. There is a scene where Dex takes Shayla in their horse forms and primal doesn’t even begin to cover it! Rearing Heat is a short novel that will leave you begging for more!

Reviewed by Tara Renee
Two Lips Reviews

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