Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Rearing Heat gets a perfect 5 rose rating!

Robin S at My Book Cravings, gave Rearing Heat a 5 out of 5 review!

This story is perfect for one of those chilly evenings. It will become hot and humid shortly if you aren't the ice princess that is.

Dex is an equestrian shifter. He can become a massive black Quarter horse at a moments thought. He has been hunting for a golden Palomino mare that he spotted a month earlier. She was his kind and in heat, he could smell it. Before he could stake a claim she disappeared.

Shayla is a female equestrian who believes she is the only one of her kind. She wouldn't know if she had crossed paths with one or not. Was it a scent or something that would identify another of her kind or what? Thinking about the lack stud she had seen a month ago has heat pulsing between her legs. She had taken a month away from work to think about what she wanted out of life and who she wanted to be. Feeling the need to be around people she goes to the Rail a bar in town. Is she looking for love in all the wrong places like everyone else there?

Dex enters the Rail, friends are calling him over to their table, when he gets a whiff of an overpowering scent, sweet and potent! A mare in heat, his mate and he is gonna stake his claim. Yepper he found his mate, but would she agree? Would she accept her fate?

Ms. Sinclair certainly knows how to heat up a chilled room. REARING HEAT was an exceptional mid afternoon romp that I thoroughly enjoyed. Thank God someone invented a freezer because I needed the ice. This was superbly written and pleasantly paced.


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