Monday, December 18, 2006

First review for Key to Sin by Skylar Sinclair

Key To Sin by Skylar Sinclair is a short book filled with a lot of very sensual fantasy, and a very determined monarch. Sin will do anything to get the woman of his dreams, and the only one who is strong enough and capable of being his queen. He will not let Shana Willis’ mistaken beliefs to get in the way, and he is only more determined to get her back. Shana thinks it has all been a delirious episode, and it is so not real. She is about ready to dismiss it as an aberration, especially when the Victorian Dollhouse that started the whole thing disappears form the department store. But for Sin, her absence is felt, and his determination is strong. After all, he is magical, the strongest being, and as for those aforementioned dirty tricks? It is good to be the king! Come along and meet thses wonderful characters, and find your own Key To Sin! Available now, at Venus Press, this is another Skylar Sinclair short you really don’t want to miss! Get your copy of Key To Sin now!

Reviewed by Rose
Romance at Heart
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