Monday, December 18, 2006

First review for Christmas Ink by Skylar Sinclair

Christmas Ink by Skylar Sinclair is a short book filled with gentle a humour and a lot of very sensual fantasy. Delightfully witty and sexy, this Christmas romp introduces you to the “misfit son” in the Kringle Family, Christopher. Tall, dark, handsome, and obstinate, Christopher really doesn’t want to spend his life taking over the family business. He has the urge to help people, and the arguments every time he goes home to the North Pole and his home town of Kringle Town are tiring. He doesn’t want to be Santa Claus, and he doesn’t want a Mrs. Claus either. Just a regular wife and family, but NOT the family business. Candi Kane is an accident victim, and she is very affected by the handsome doctor who is caring for her. Small, petite, and very hurt, she is confused as to the feelings swamping her in Doctor Kringle’s presence. She is wary around him, and when he confronts her about her origins, she ends up spilling all the beans. Now there is just one question remaining. Who placed the tattoos on their butts, and what does it all mean? Mom may have some answers, it is true, but for Christopher and Candi, the way to true love is really hidden in their Christmas Ink! Available now, at Mardi Gras Publishing, this is one short you really don’t want to miss! Get your copy of Christmas Ink now!

Reviewed by Rose
Romance at Heart
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