Sunday, May 04, 2008

Tagged by Adrianna Dane

I have been tagged by Adrianna Dane to disclose 6 things you might not know about me. Okay here goes ;)

1) I am a shopoholic on eBay. I love that auction site. I bought my entire wardrobe for Epicon on eBay.

2) I am a total panster when I start a story. I never know where the characters will take me.

3) I love stuffed olives, especially ones stuffed with blue cheese.

4) I cannot watch horror movies because they give me nightmares...YIKES!

5) My favorite car is a Viper.

6) Something on a very personal note someone asked me at Epicon. What you are wondering?
I quote, "Skylar are your boobs real?" Yep, someone asked me that. So here on my blog, I am telling the world, yes, they are what Mother Nature gave me. Bet you wanted to know that one...LOL.

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Linda McLaughlin said...

Skylar, looks like Adrianna beat me to the punch on the tagging. I love olives, too, esp. the green ones. And I never doubted for a minute that your boobs were real!

Linda / Lyndi Lamont