Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Siren Authors are having a final contest!

The Siren Authors are having a final contest!

We had so much fun with the last two, we’re doing this one more time. ‘Fall Into Romance – The Grand Finale’ is even better than the first two contests, with even bigger prizes!!

The Prizes: Three Gift Certificates, one for fifteen dollars, and two for TWENTY dollars each, good for the purchase of books from SIREN PUBLISHING.

What you have to do: Just visit the Siren website
and look for the answers to the questions below. All answers can be found in the ‘excerpts’ posted.

These are all new questions – so if you entered last time, you need to enter again!
How to enter: Send your answers to

Contest closes Sunday, October 21, 2007 at 9 p.m. eastern time.
Winners will be announced Monday October 22nd right here!


1. In the excerpt from Morgan Ashbury’s The Prince And The Single Mom, who are Eugenia and Gwendolyn and what are they sitting on?

2. In The Lawman's Wife by Lara Santiago, Jonathan Brent is at Grace's auction to arrest someone. Who is it?

3. What other names does Emma Wildes write under for Siren Publishing?
In Tonya Ramagos Caught Off Guard, who told Veronica that Dean isn't the wild adventurous boy he once was?

4. In Tower of Secrets by Samantha Lucas, how does Drago know Sarah is wearing a wig?

5. In Skylar Sinclair’s Stiff Assignment, what is the name of the Mayor’s son?

6. In Arabian Pearl by Emma Wildes, what color are Celia’s eyes?

7. In The Merman by Emma Wildes, why is Armand planning to take Cynthia to his home world?

8. In Morgan Ashbury’s Lily In Bloom, what dream haunted Lily?

Good Luck, everyone!!!

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