Sunday, May 20, 2007

New praise from JERR for Extraordinary Love by Skylar Sinclair

Rating: 4 Stars
Heat level: O

Ariella is about to marry the prince and guardian of a wonderful underwater kingdom. Her new sister-in-law is also her best friend and things couldn't possibly be any better in her life. However, her new husband has to leave before the honeymoon can begin; something is threatening their kingdom and the world of the humans they protect. Just as that threat is taken care of, Ariella discovers her husband is keeping a secret, a secret that may tear her new marriage apart.

The passion and love between all of the characters is amazing. The passion between Ariella and Kyanite is enough to ignite the page, although the latent attraction that the reader can sense between Apolla and Maximus is pretty intense also. Apolla and Ariella are obviously already as close as sisters as friends can be, and that feeling of trust and love jumps off the page as well. The secondary characters are very well developed and I can't wait for the next story in this series. This story has secrets, magic and passion, three things that make a reader beg for more. As the story moves through the plot it shows how love can indeed conquer all, but that there should never be anything less than honesty between friends and lovers. The author does an amazing job of bringing emotions to life and passion to the forefront. The sex is incredible and it showcases all of the other emotions in the story. The first of a new series, this is a book that should be on everyone's "to buy" list.

Reviewed by Brigit Aine J
ust Erotic Romance Reviews

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