Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Prologue to Impassioned Sea by Skylar Sinclair - Available April 30 from Liquid Silver Books

Many centuries ago in a forgotten kingdom of powerful magic, the king made a decision that would change his identical twin sons’ lives, he hoped, for the better. Trusting, that it would end the feuding that had cleaved them in two.

The only way to tell the twins apart was by the coloring of their eyes. Sindale had midnight blue orbs that were hard and unfathomable. Seadale’s were blue-green, the color of the dawning rays cast upon the shallows of the sea.

The sons competed for everything, including their father’s love. It was because of the twins’ fierce rivalry and their explosive personalities that he separated them, before they grew to hate one another. Or even worse, one died by the hand of the other.

One would rule the land, while the other ruled the sea. Neither could encroach upon the other’s domain without losing their powers while in the other’s sphere of influence. He balanced the powers between them. With luck, they would learn the importance of being loving gods to their people and to each other. He had done all he could with his great power for his sons. Now, it was up to the Fates and time to heal the rift between the brothers.

Where today it’s known as the Bermuda Triangle, nestled in magic and hidden from the world, was the beautiful kingdoms of Ametheysea. Within the hands of two fierce and warring brothers lies the fate of many and the wishes of one father that his sons find love to heal their hearts and bring them together to rule in harmony.

A father’s love can only do so much and this was where his woes ended and their story begins...

Available April 30, 2007 from Liquid Silver books

Skylar Sinclair

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