Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Bestseller 2nd month in a row CHRISTMAS INK by Skylar Sinclair

My award-winning book, Christmas Ink is a bestseller for a second month in a row.

"Hip, hot and filled with holiday cheer! You'll never think of Christmas the same way again!"

Christmas Ink by Skylar Sinclair
Mardi Gras Publishing and Fictionwise
ISBN: 0-9791570-9-9
Price: $3.99
Genre: Fantasy Erotic Romance
This is one erotic fantasy tale that will light you up like a Christmas tree and make you believe in the magic of the holiday season all over again!

Chris Kringle is once again, after his son, Christopher, to take over the family business…that of being Santa Claus. But Christopher cannot do that without a missus by his side; only Christopher has other plans for his life. His life is being a doctor and he loves his life just the way it is. He wants to help people by healing them, not pushing presents.

Christopher has his whole life planned out and things are going smoothly until a sexy woman involved in a motorcycle accident is brought in late one night and turns his merry little world up side down, faster than you can say, "jingle bells".

During the holidays, these two will find out the true meaning of giving, sharing and the magic of Christmas in the most unusual of ways.

RATING: Explicit, Adult language
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