Friday, November 03, 2006

I Made the Finals of the Scarlet Boa Contest!

Finalists notified last night and I made the cut and I am the final round of the Scarlet Boa Contest at Stella Cameron’s site!

The final voting is taking place right now and will go until the November 10, 2006. At which time, the voting will close and on November 12, 2006 the winner will be announced during a chat at Writerspace!

I am now scene #2 (was formally #3) Each and every vote counts! Please stop by Stella Cameron's site and read all the wonderful finalists and vote! I would appreciate you vote for Striker’s story if you like it.

Thank you to all that voted for me in the first round. Just making it this far is amazing. Many of the past winners have been very well known authors, so I am ecstatic!

Link to vote:
Link to read all the winning finalists:

Thank you,

Skylar Sinclair.

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Joan said...

I'm gald to hear the good news. I stopping by from RJ delurking days. I'm going to be stop by more. I love your web site and your stories!! You rock!!!